Environmental Quality Experts, LLC.

1331 S 51st Ave   Omaha, Nebraska 68106
Sarah Poursharafeddin [email protected], Becky Webster [email protected], Samanatha Cannon [email protected]
Phone: 402-616-4561
EQExperts represents products in both Nebraska and Iowa, and conducts indoor air quality testing throughout the country.
Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
Air Monitor Corporation
Accurate Airflow Measurement for Demanding Applications
Critical Environment Technologies
Dependable Gas Detection Systems for Critical and Recreational Facilities
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Baseline Testing for New Construction, Major Renovations, and LEED(TM) Projects
ONICON Incorporated
Calibrated HVAC Flow Measurement Solutions for Water, Gas, and Steam
Available Products
BTU Systems, Insertion and Inline Style Metering for Closed and Open Loops
Consulting and Reporting Services to Help Achieve Healthy IAQ
Gas Detection for Parking Garages, Chemical Storage, Chiller Systems, and more
Outdoor, Return, and Supply Airflow Measurement Solutions