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Gerald Kline
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Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
Ace Heating
Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters, Unfired Steam Boilers, High Efficiency Water Heaters
Automated Strainer Systems with Fine Mesh Strainer/Scraper for Clean and Dirty Water Applications
American Wheatley
HVAC Accessories; Triple Duty Valves, Suction Diffusers, Tanks, Air Separators, Shell/Tube Heat Exchangers, Strainers, Valves, Chemical Feeders & Flex Connectors
Comfort Pro Systems
Radiant Heating Systems, PEX Tubing
Chilled Water, Hot Water & Domestic Pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Domestic Water Booster Systems, Circulators, Centrifugal Pumps, Condensate Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Inline Pumps, Metering Pumps, Package Pumping Systems, Sewage and Sump Pumps, Integrated Variable Speed Pumps, Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pump Specialties
Heat Fab
Single & Double Wall AC 29-4C Positive Pressure Flue Piping
Heat Timer
Boiler Sequencing Controllers, Tempering Valves, Motorized Two and Three Way Valves
Gas & Electric Tanks, Point of Use & Tankless Water Heaters, Indirect Instantaneous & Storage Tanks
Industrial Steam
Boiler Feed Systems, Deaerators, Condensate Return & Surge Systems
Condensing Boilers (75-800 mBH), Storage Tanks & Water Heaters
Automatic and Manual Balance Valves, Coil Connection Hose Kits
Pietro Fiorentini
Gas Regulators
Pre-packaged Burner Management Systems, Boiler Controls
Thermal Care
Fiberglass Cooling Towers
Tower Tech
Modular Fiberglass Cooling Towers, Multiple Fans with Direct Drive Motors, 15yr. Fiberglass Warranty
Watson McDaniel
Steam Products
Commercial & Industrial Forced Draft Burners for Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel, Oil and Digester
Available Products
Boiler Blowdown Separators
Boilers, Condensing
Boiler Sequencers
Boilers & Water Heaters
Burners, Gas & Oil
Burners Low Nox
Chemical Feeders
Condensate Return System
Condensate Return Systems
Condensate Return Systems
Controls, Boiler
Controls, Boilers
Cooling Towers, Fiberglass
Cooling Towers, Fiberglass
Cooling Towers, Rental
Flex Connectors
Heat Exchangers
Hydronic Specialties
Modular Chiller Plants
Packaged Chiller/Pump Systems
Pumps, Boiler Feed
Pumps, Boiler Feed
Pumps, Booster Feed
Pumps, Booster Systems
Pumps, Centrifugal
Pumps, Condensate
Pumps, ECM
Pumps, High Pressure
Pumps, Inline
Pumps, Non-Electric Condensate
Pumps, Packaged Systems
Pumps, Sewage & Sumps
Pumps, Variable Speed
Pumps, Vertical Turbine
Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Radiant Snowmelt Systems
Separators - Air & Dirt
Separators, Dirt / Magnetic
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Stack - Positive Pressure
Stack, Positive Pressure Double Wall
Steam Specialties
Steam Traps
Strainers, Automatic
Systems, Packaged Pumping
Tank Accessories
Tankless Gas Fired Hot Water Heaters
Tanks - Bladder
Tanks, Domestic Hot Water Storage
Valves, Automatic Flow Control
Valves, Balancing
Valves, Balancing
Valves, Butterfly
Valves, Check
Valves, Control
Valves, Tempering
Variable Speed Pumping Systems
Water Heaters
Water Heaters, Electric
Water Heaters, Gas Fired
Water Heaters, Gas Fired High Efficiency
Water Heaters, Indirect Fired
Water Heaters, Instantaneous
Water Heaters, Steam Fired
Water Heaters, Steam Fired Instantaneous