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Eric Peterson: President, , Sean Williams: Vice President, , Ben Peterson: Sales, , Joe Dowdy: Sales, , Bill Lemmers: Parts Manager
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Covering Nebraska and Iowa - Since 1936
Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
Aldrich - Steel Fire Tube Boiler. Hot Water and Low Pressure Steam. High Mass Condensing Boilers.
Certuss Steam Generators - Comple High Pressure Steam Boiler Plant Packages. Maximize Efficiency. Minimize Costs.
FloAire Fans - Commercial: Make Up Air Units- Direct, Indirect, Electric, Steam, Cooling, DX Packaged Heating & Cooling Units, Centrifugal & Propeller Fans-Roof, Wall, Inline Utility, Packaged DOAS, Heating/Cooling
Hartzell - Industrial & WWTP Fans. Fibrerglass, Steel, Special Designs.
Heat Fab - AL29-4C Stainless Condensing Appliances.
Hurst Boilers - Steel Fire Tube Boilers. High Low Pressure Steam. Scotch Marine Boilers. Vertical Steam Boilers. Boiler Plant Packages.
IMI Flow Design - Automatic and Manual Balancing Valve Packages.
LAUNDRY FAB BY US DRAFT - Laundry Exhaust & Combustion Air Systems. Exhaust Shaft Systems.
Miller Leaman - High Efficiency System Strainers for Cooling Towers, Chill Water, Process Water, Municipal.
Modine - Heating & Ventilation Systems. Unit Heaters.
Peerless Boilers - Cast Iron Boilers. Hot water and Low Pressure Steam. Condensing Boilers.
Penn Separator - Steam Blowdown & Flash Economizers. Steam Silencers.
Precision Boilers - Precision Boilers offers both electric and fuel-fired boiler designs.
Raypak - Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers & Water Heaters. Pool Heaters.
Reco USA - Steam & Water to Water Heaters. Semi & Instaneous Water Heaters. Storage Tanks.
Riello Boilers - Condensing Boilers & High Efficiency Burners. Redundant Boilers in a Single Cabinet. High Mass Condensing Gas or Gas/Oil Boilers. Domestic Water Heating.
Selkirk - Flue Systems for Boilers, Water Heaters and Generators.
Shipco Pumps - Deaerator, Surge, Boiler Feed and Condensate Packaged Systems. Custom Designs.
Siemens Combustion Controls - HMI Boiler Plant Control Systems. Linkage-less Control Systems. Upgrade Existing Boilers, Burners and Boiler Plants.
Siemens HVAC - Variable Speed Drives. System and Equipment Control Valves.
Spence Valve - Steam Equipment & Accessories.
Spirotherm - High Efficiency Coalescing Air and Dirt Separators.
THERMAL ENGINEERING OF ARIZONA - Direct Contact Water Heaters for Industrial and Large Commercial Applications.
Tunstall - Steam Traps & Accessories
US Draft - Flue Exhuast and Combustion Air Systems. Complete Variable Speed Systems.
Watson McDaniel - Steam Equipment & Accessories.
Wilo USA - HVAC Pumps, ECM Pumps, Pump Packages. American Wheatley Pump Accessories.
Available Products
Boiler Blowdown Separators
Boiler Draft Control
Boiler Feed Systems
Boiler, HMI Plant Controls
Boiler Plants
Boilers, Cast Iron
Boilers, Condensing
Boilers, Condensing
Boilers, Condensing Multi-Burner
Boilers, Electric
Boilers - High Efficiency
Boilers, High Efficiency Condensing
Boilers, In Stock
Boilers, Knockdown
Boilers, Steel
Boilers, Steel Fire Tube
Boiler Stacks
Boiler Stacks
Boilers & Water Heaters
Boilers, Water Heaters, Storage Tanks
Boiler Systems
Burners, Gas
Burners Gas/Oil
Burners Gas/Oil
Burners, Industrial
Burners Low Nox
Centrifugal Pumps
Coil Hook-up Fittings
Combustion Air Systems
Commerical & Industrial Boiler Plants
Condensate Return System
Condensate & Vacuum Pumps
Condensing Boilers
Condensing Boilers
Controls, Boilers
control valve packages
Cooling Tower Strainers
Direct & Indirect Fired Makeup Air Heaters
Dryer Venting Systems
Exhaust Shaft Design
Exhaust Silencers
Fans, Combustion Air
Fans, Exhaust
Fans, Fiberglass, Waste Water, Commercial, Industrial
Fans, Roof
Fin Tube
Flues, Boiler & Water Heater
Flues, Boiler, Water Heater, Generators, Grease Duct
Heat Recovery Systems
High Efficiency Commerical & Industrial Burners
High Mass Condensing Boilers
High Pressure Steam Boilers
Hose Kits
Industrial Burners
Lint Collectors
Make-up Air Units
N+1 Boiler Plants
N+1 Condensing Boiler Packages
Pool Heaters
Pressure Booster, (ECM) Packages
Pumps, Boiler Feed
Pumps, ECM
Pumps, In-Line
Pumps, Pressure Power
Pumps, Submersible
Separators, Air
Separators, Air/Dirt
Separators, Coalescing
Separators, Dirt
Stack - Positive Pressure
Stack - Positive Pressure
Steam Boiler Plants
Strainers, Automatic
Traps, Radiator
Traps, Steam
Traps, Steam
Traps, Steam
Unit Heaters
Valves, Steam Regulating
Valves, Steam Regulating
Variable Frequency Drives
Variable Speed Pumping Systems
VFD Packages
Water Heater, Industrial High Efficiency Direct Contact Design
Water Heaters
Water Heaters
Water Heaters
Water heaters, gas fired, dual fuel
Water Heaters, Instantaneous, Semi-Instantaneous, Steam Fired, Storage