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Innovative HVAC Solutions Since 1997
Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
AAF | Flanders
HEPA Filters, Clean Room & Pharmacy Fan-Powered HEPA Systems, HEPA Containment Housings
AERMEC North America
Chillers; Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Oil-Free Magnetic, Modular, Simultaneous, Heat Pump, Free-Cooling, Heat Recovery, High Temperature
Airedale by Modine
Classroom Vertical Packaged Unit Ventilators, Horizontal Unit Ventilators, Direct & Indirect-Fired Makeup Air, Hot Water/Steam Convectors, & Unit Heaters
Air Wise Inc
Custom AHU; Energy Recovery, Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Geo-Source, HW/CW.
Innovative Aire Tech
Low RH Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Jenco Fan
Wall & Roof Fans, Enthalpy Plate ERV
Mee Industries
Fogging Humidification Systems, R/O Water Treatment Systems
Modine Commercial
Packaged Air-Cooled "Atherion" DOAS Units with Energy Recovery Wheel. Direct-Fired Makeup Air Heaters.
NovelAire Technologies
Packaged Hybrid DX / Medium RH Desiccant Dehumidifiers, DOAS/ERV Units
PureAir Control Services
Needle-Point Bipolar Ionization NPBI air cleaning systems. HEPA/NPBI/UVGI packaged air cleaners
Pure Air Filtration
Gas Phase Filtration and Air Scrubber. Industrial, Commercial, Municipal
Rapid Engineering
Direct Gas‐Fired Pressurization Heaters, IDF Air Rotation Heaters, Makeup Air Heaters, Custom Makeup Air / Heat Recovery Units
SuburbanAP by MarvAir
Vertical Packaged Air-Cooled Gas/Electric A/C Units PTAC Packaged Air-Cooled Gas/Electric A/C Units
Available Products
Air Handling Units, Custom
Air Hanlding Units, Surgery/OR
Chemisorb Air Cleaning
Chilled Beams, Passive
Chiller, Air Cooled
Chiller, Hybrid
Chiller, Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal
Chiller, Water Cooled
Classroom Unit Ventilators
Clean Room Systems
Containment Housings
Direct Fired Makeup Air Heater
Direct Gas‐Fired Pressurization
Direct & Indirect Fired Makeup Air Heaters
Energy Recovery Ventilators
Enthalpy Plate ERV
Fan Coil Units
Fans, Roof
Fans, Wall
Fogging Humidification Systems
Gas Phase Filtration
HEPA Filters
High Temp Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Hot Water Convectors
IDF Air Rotation
MUA Heater
Needle-Point Bipolar Ionization
NPBI/UVGI/HEPA Packaged Portable Air Cleaners
Packaged Air-Cooled DOAS Energy Recovery
Packaged Hybrid DX/Low Temp Desiccant Dehumidifiers
PTAC Gas/Elec A/C
Vertical Packaged Air-Cooled Gas/Elec A/C
Water Treatment Systems