Verne Simmonds Company

8445 Madison Street   Omaha, NE 68127
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Over 70 Years of Service
Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
Division of Armstrong Ceilings, Radiant Ceiling Panels
Bell & Gossett
Centrifugal pumps and Hydronic Valves and Specialties, Heat Exchangers, Sump Pumps, Wastewater products
Humidifiers: Electric, Electrode, Gas, Direct Steam, Steam to Steam, Adiabatic, Ultrasonic
Applied Equipment: AHU's, Chillers, Heat Pumps, Fan Coils, VAV, VRF, Chilled Beam Units
Cemline Corp.
Tanks, Electric water heaters, Single and double wall Heat Exchangers, Packaged Steam and Hot water heaters, Clean Steam Generators
Danfoss, Inc.
Non-electric zone control valves
Domestic Pump Co.
Division of Xylem Inc: Condensate, Vacuum, and Boiler feed pumps and systems
Dow Chemical, U.S.A.
Dowtherm, Dowfrost, Inhibited glycol
Flex Hose
Flex connectors, expansion joints and loops
Flow Conditioning Corp.
Double Suction Diffusers
Flow Control Industries
DeltaP Pressure independent control valves and actuators for HVAC and industrial process fluids
Goulds (G&L Products)
Industrial single stage and multistage cast iron and stainless steel pumps and pumping systems for industrial pumping, self- priming, trash pumps
Hoffman Specialty
Condensate Pumps, valves, steam traps, vents, strainers
Pipe markers, valve tags, engraved name plates
Lochinvar Corp.
High Efficiency Boilers, Water Heaters & Tanks for Commercial and Residential Boiler and potable water heater applications
Mesan USA
Closed circuit fluid coolers, open Cooling Towers and Tower controls
For HVAC & Industrial
Nexus Valve
Automatic flow limiting and manual balance coil kits, valves, strainers, and control valves
Performance Insulation/Barrier Products, Commercial/Under Slab/Radiant Heat /Residential/Agricultural
Secondary Containment Piping Systems, Leak Detection & Location
Perma Pipe / RICWIL
Pre-insulated Steam & Fluid Distr. Systems
Tiger Flow
Engineered Packaged Pumping Systems
Topp Industries
UL Listed Fiberglass Basins & covers
Trans-Coil Inc. (TCI)
Line reactor, electronic filtration, harmonic mitigation
Watts Radiant
Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating and Snowmelt Systems
Weil Pump Company
Wessels Company
Bladder and Diaphragm Expansion Tanks, Custom Tanks, Hydronic Air and Dirt Separators
Wheeler Tank Co.
Yaskawa of America
Variable Frequency Drives
Zehnder Rittling
Unit heaters, fin tube, panel radiators, cabinet heaters and fan coils
Available Products
Basins - Fiberglass
Boiler Feed Systems
Boilers - High Efficiency
Cabinet Unit Heaters
centrifugal pumps
Centrifugal Pumps
Chilled Beam Terminal Units
Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers
Coil Hook-up Fittings
Condensate & Vacuum Pumps
Control Devices - Automatic
Control Devices - Manual
Direct Steam
Double Suction Diffusers
DowTherm & DowFrost Inhibited Glycol
Electric Water Heaters
Electronic Filtration
Engraved Name Plates
Expansion Joints
Expansion Loops
Fan Coils
Fan Coil Units
Fiberglass Basin
Fin Tube
Flange Adapters
Flex Connectors
Flow Switches Pump & Boiler Blowdown Controls
Glycol Makeup Units
Harmonic Mitigation
Heaters - Storage
Heaters - Unit
Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers
Heating - Floor Systems
Heating - Snowmelt Systems
Heat Pumps
High performance insulation/barrier products for commercial under slab radiant heat
Hose Kits
Hydronic Specialties
Leak detection systems
Line Re-actor
Liquid Level Controls
Mercury float Switches
Modular Tanks
Non-electric Htg/Clg
Open Cooling Towers
Packaged pumping/heat transfer skids
Panel Radiator
Pipe markers
Preinsulated piping systems
pressure booster systems
Pressure Gauges
Radiant Ceiling Systems
Self-Priming Pumps
Separators - Air & Dirt
Steam pressure reducing stations
Steam/Steam Humidifiers
Sump Pumps
Sump & Sewage Pumps
Tanks - Bladder
Tanks - Custom
Tanks - Diaphragm
Tanks - Expansion
Tanks - Flash
Tanks - Flash
Tanks - Storage
Temperature Regulating Valves
Tower Controls
Trash Pumps
Trumpet Valves
Unit Ventilators
Vacuum Pumps
Valve Tags
Variable Frequency Drives
Wastewater Products and Accessories
Watchman Condensate Pumps
Water Feeders
Water Heaters
Zone Control valves