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Proudly representing HVAC products in Nebraska, Iowa, Western Illinois and Southeastern South Dakota since 1978
Manufacturers Represented
Product Descriptions
Aero Tech
Hydronic Radiant Ceiling Panels
Alfa Laval
Plate & Frame and Brazed Heat Exchangers
Chilled Beams & Radiant Ceiling Panels
Pipe Markers, Valve Tags, Arrow Tape, Underground Caution Tape & Equipment Nameplates
Domestic Booster Pumps & Heat Transfer Skids, Chiller & Fire Pump Buildings
Colmac Coil Company
Replacement Coils
Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors and Duct Expansion Joints
Link-Seal Wall Penetration Seals, Pyro-Pac Fire Wall Seals & Steel & Plastic Wall Sleeves
Snowmelt & Radiant System Controls, Boiler Sequencing & Set point Controllers, Electronic Mixing Valves for Domestic Water Systems
Gas Fired Tankless Water Heaters up to 3,000MBH and Handle up to 30-Grains of Hardness-No flushing required.
JL Wingert
Glycol Feed Systems, Chemical Feeders & Solids Separators
Trench Hydronic Heating & Cooling with Natural Convection or Fan-Assisted Units and Fan Coils. Electric Trench heaters.
High Efficiency Condensing Boilers & Water Heaters. Atmospheric & Fan Assisted Pool Heaters
Steam traps, Radiator Valves, Balancing, Non-Electric Valves, Steam Specialties & Repair Parts
Stainless Steel & Rubber Pump Connectors, Expansion Joints and Compensators, Metraloops, Strainers, Pipe Guides
Polymer Concrete Modular Trench and Grate-Drainage Systems
Rovanco Corp
Pre-Insulated, Conduit & Containment Piping Systems
Runtal Radiators
Architectural Flat Tube Steel Steam & Hydronic Radiators
Condensate Return & Boiler Feed Water Pumps, Glycol Feed Systems
Stancor Pumps
Electric Submersible Sump & Sewage Pumps, Oil Minder Systems
Architectural Electric Heating & Controls
Sterling Commercial Hydronics
High Quality Finned-Tube, Cabinet Unit Heaters,Unit Heaters & Convectors
Taco Comfort Solutions
Base Mounted & In-Line Pumps, Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Hydronic Specialties, Circuit Setters.
Thermaflo Engineering
Steam Fired Domestic and Packaged Heat Transfer & Boiler Feed Systems, Deaerators, Clean Steam Generators
Steam Traps, Radiator Valves, Balancing Valves, Non-Electric Valves, Steam Specialties & Repair Parts
Vibration Eliminator
Vibration Isolation Pump Inertia Bases, Fan & Motor bases, Isolation Curbs & Spring Hangers
Weiss Instruments
Thermometers, Pressure Gauges & Accessories
Available Products
Architectural Steel Panel Radiators
Boilers, Water Heaters, Storage Tanks
Booster Systems & HVAC Pumping Packages
Chilled Beam Terminal Units
Commercial & Industrial Tankless Water Heaters
Condensate & Vacuum Pumps
Electric Baseboard, Unit Heaters & Duct Heaters
Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints
Glycol Feed Systems
Hydronic Pumps, Expansion Tanks, Air Separators, Storage Tanks
Pipe markers
Pipe Seals
Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
Pre-Insulated Piping
Radiant Ceiling Systems
Replacement Coils
Snowmelt & Heating Controls
Steam Traps
Steam Traps and Specialties
Steam Water Heaters, Deaerators, Clean Steam Generators
Sump & Sewage Pumps
Thermometers & Pressure Gauges
Trench heaters
Vibration Inertia Bases